About Neil Keene

Neil’s Journey

Neil started his career in the dynamic and growing advertising world in NYC.  It was the 90’s and he moved up the ranks quickly.  Neil transitioned into the healthcare and specialty marketing space, working at companies such as GSK, Forest Labs, Teva, and BI.  In the last 15 years, Neil has created an intense focus on perfecting the digital transformation journey for major pharma/biotech clients.


As a result of a successful startup and launch of a new drug, Neil saw that his skills were quite often being tapped as an advisor on projects and pre-commercial strategy.  This led him to found Zenithar in 2010, which now focuses on unlocking success in digital transformation in the healthcare sector.  Neil and his team have guided numerous clients large and small through changes in systems, marketing excellence creation, and digital platform implementation.

Speaker at Marketing Events

Neil is a frequent speaker on digital transformation as it relates in the unique world of pharma/biotech. He has written and published numerous articles and papers on customer engagement and healthcare technology, while successfully leading organizations and product launches.  Neil’s extensive experience in digital marketing, NPP and brand/product management has created many opportunities for sharing experiences and some of his new platforms and workshops in the industry. Neil has spoke at digital leadership conferences in 2019, including Future Pharma, Digital Pharma East and The Rare Disease Innovation Summit.

Working With Pharma for Over 20 Years