Don’t Play Like the Yankees!

baseball pic
There has been a lot written about the Book and the movie “Moneyball”. In fact, it was nominated for 6 academy awards and grossed more than $100M at the box office. I’ve seen it several times and even if you are not a sports fan, you will enjoy this movie. As long as you like a good story about a single father who over comes odds and changes the rules for success in the face of denial and lack of faith of others.
Sound like a business angle to you? Definitely! There is

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The 6-Month Rule

Driving Yourself Crazy & The 6-Month Rule
Question: I just started a new position and as you do, I want to make a difference in everything I touch in my career…like right away, right now!  How can I accomplish this without driving myself and everyone around me crazy?

This is a question that I hope to answer for you.
Firstly, it’s important to note

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Start-up WorkLife

CartBook in AZ

Having just moved to the Phoenix area I have had to make quite a lot of adjustments but the observations have been priceless at times.  I learned that the area is referred to as ‘The Valley” because that is physically where we live in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains. Where I live in the valley of the sun is Old Town Scottsdale, which is the downtown section where you will find a concentration of restaurants and nightlife.  Old Town has been referred to as South Beach in the desert and if you have been to South beach, this is an accurate label.  Although, it certainly is

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