Neil works with biotech/pharma and service organizations to provide individual consultative services including:

  • HCP & Consumer marketing segmentation
  • Center of Excellence (CoE) development, creation and execution
  • MCM planning and platform development
  • Commercial product launch
  • Multi-Channel & Omni-Channel Marketing
  • Patient and Point of Care Strategy Execution
  • KPI framework and integrated marketing analytics
  • ROI model development

What Neil Offers

Strategic marketing consulting in the form of specific products and programs to fit your specific needs and challenges.  Neil has a deep and highly qualified background with over 20 years of experience in Pharmaceuticals, Biotech and Medical Device in many therapeutic areas.   Through work with a multitude of clients and my consulting company, Zenithar, we have developed a methodology for developing the scope of your sales marketing goals and delivering success while ensuring we stay within your budget and exceeding expectations.

Centers of Excellence & Deliverables

Corporate Strategy
Development/Growth Strategy & Positioning
Marketing Strategy
Brand Strategy Development, Competitive Research, Sales force size and structure, Strategic CRM capability planning and implementation, Tactical planning support, Market analytics
Physician and Patient Strategy and Tactics
Patient and Physician Segmentation & Targeting, Z360 pattern recognition, Patient Adherence, Patient Advocacy Development
Start up and Emerging Biotechs
Post Investment  Growth Strategy, Program Prioritization, Market Strategy and Positioning
FDA Approval Process
Pre-Clinical Product Development, Phase I to Phase IV market building
Mergers and Acquisitions
Strategy, Acquisition Screening, Joint Ventures and Alliances


Physician and patient segmentation is one of the most powerful tools health sciences can use to define a marketing strategy in a transformational and profitable direction.
When it clearly identifies the group(s) that will generate the highest return in terms of key performance metrics and a comprehensive picture of how to effectively reach and engage them, a market segmentation furnishes a rock-solid informational foundation for growth.
Neil has created and developed the Z360 market segmentation process which will help you select and market to the most valuable target for your brand or business. The driving power of the process comes from our comprehensive and rigorous approach to:

  • Understanding who in your organization plans to use the market segmentation and how they plan to use it.
  • Assessing every physician in a survey—and consequently every target—in terms of current and potential value to you using a proprietary technology.
  • Identifying the characteristics that “predict” current and potential value and using them to define the segments.
  • Describing each market segment in terms of new product interests, demographics, attitudes, needs/wants/problems, motivations, brand preferences, and more in relevant and useful ways to all end-users of the segmentation.
  • Pinpointing the most effective and efficient products/services, distribution, media, and marketing programs for key segments.
  • Using state of the science marketing analytics to further improve market segmentation, targeting, and planning decisions.

How to get started: Contact me at or drop a note below.  I respond to every message within 48 hours