Social Media & Systemic Marketing (Hint -it’s not a channel!)

A lot has been written about how social media is misunderstood, particularly in regards to determining ROI for this very important media marketing device. Notice I didn’t say, “channel”. The mistake that is being made is that individuals and companies are thinking of social media as a channel. Social media is a system not a simple marketing channel such as direct mail or print media. Systems thinking is Continue reading “Social Media & Systemic Marketing (Hint -it’s not a channel!)”

Don’t Play Like the Yankees!

baseball pic
There has been a lot written about the Book and the movie “Moneyball”. In fact, it was nominated for 6 academy awards and grossed more than $100M at the box office. I’ve seen it several times and even if you are not a sports fan, you will enjoy this movie. As long as you like a good story about a single father who over comes odds and changes the rules for success in the face of denial and lack of faith of others.
Sound like a business angle to you? Definitely! There is Continue reading “Don’t Play Like the Yankees!”

The 6-Month Rule

Driving Yourself Crazy & The 6-Month Rule
Question: I just started a new position and as you do, I want to make a difference in everything I touch in my career…like right away, right now!  How can I accomplish this without driving myself and everyone around me crazy?

This is a question that I hope to answer for you.
Firstly, it’s important to note Continue reading “The 6-Month Rule”