MCM Disruption Fueled by the Burst of New FDA Approvals

We all know that the new Multi-Channel Marketing (MCM) can bring a stronger and more efficient focus for your integrated marketing efforts – regardless of your industry vertical.   In the past 5 years, I have launched several new products in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and there has been a shift or ‘disruption’ with more focus on how Continue reading “MCM Disruption Fueled by the Burst of New FDA Approvals”

On the Edge of Failed Leadership: Start-up Mentality and Desire

Minolta DSC
I recently watched a profile on 60 Minutes that profiled the author Alison Levine which motivated me to blog on some important insights into leadership. In case you don’t know her, Alison is the author of the New York Times best-selling book, “On The Edge”. The Edge reflects on the lessons learned from Continue reading “On the Edge of Failed Leadership: Start-up Mentality and Desire”

WhatsApp Founders: From Rejection to $Billion Payday

Their no-nonsense commitment to keeping WhatsApp free of advertising and respecting users’ privacy is what drew millions of users to the app when it launched in 2009. Two recent interviews—one with Wired UK and another with Forbes—dig deep into the founders’ backgrounds, revealing Continue reading “WhatsApp Founders: From Rejection to $Billion Payday”

Don’t Play Like the Yankees!

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There has been a lot written about the Book and the movie “Moneyball”. In fact, it was nominated for 6 academy awards and grossed more than $100M at the box office. I’ve seen it several times and even if you are not a sports fan, you will enjoy this movie. As long as you like a good story about a single father who over comes odds and changes the rules for success in the face of denial and lack of faith of others.
Sound like a business angle to you? Definitely! There is Continue reading “Don’t Play Like the Yankees!”